DataCloak Officially Released Its HyperCloak® Enhanced Zero Trust Security Framework

At the 2020 Zero Trust Architecture Technology (ZTAT) Summit organized on September 4th, 2020, DataCloak officially launched its HyperCloak® Enhanced Zero Trust Security Framework. As an optimized Zero Trust security network, HyperCloak® optimizes and rectifies the defects of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions (e.g., Google BeyondCorp) in terms of data security, protocol support, implementation challenges, etc. Also, it enables deep collaborations with enterprises and relevant products in the industry by allowing public access to its corresponding security functionalities and SDK, so as to promote corporate IT network security infrastructure upgrading and digital transformation with concerted effort.

Mainstream contemporary ZTNA solutions can roughly secure access to perimeter-less corporate resources through identification of individuals/devices and by dint of lean access control technology. However, incidental problems, such as risk of perimeter extension, support to only a small number of application protocols, and the high cost of modification, to name a few, arise. While securing network access (network perimeter) and "no-perimeter" access of corporate resources in an open environment, ZTNA framework disperses corporate digital assets, challenging secure edging and endpoint computation, as well as storage of relevant assets. By imposing control on the network application layer, ZTNA framework typically supports very few application protocols, e.g., Http/Https, SSL, or FTP and is hence rendered constrained in application scope. Moreover, being heavily dependent on enterprise applications, ZTNA framework features high business migration cost and apparent implementation difficulties.

DataCloak believes that the proposal of Zero Trust as a groundbreaking idea and notion is intended to allowing reasonable authorization to legitimate individuals or applications in an open network environment, while also guaranteeing the security of enterprise assets. As such, the implementation of the Zero Trust philosophy will become much more uncomplicated if security is taken as an infrastructure based on the ZTNA framework.

Adhering to the idea of "security-as-an-infrastructure", HyperCloak® can be defined as an enhanced Zero Trust framework with full range of security capabilities, broader coverage and more user-friendly implementation, which boasts the following characteristics.

  • HyperCloak® secures a trusted basic computing environment in conjunction with lightweight trusted computing technology and the Zero Trust philosophy;
  • It realizes secure control of endpoint data computation and storage by means of new-generation sandbox technology;
  • It enables the encryption of and communication among Layer 3 to Layer 7, in addition to facilitating fine-grained access control;
  • It supports miscellaneous network communication protocols of enterprises with full coverage of all applicable corporate scenarios;
  • It sets software-defined peer-to-peer enterprise security perimeters through fine-grained software-defined perimeter (SDP) capabilities and endpoint security sandboxes;
  • It enables the upgrading into Zero Trust network security architecture without the needs for application modification via the deep integration of core and underlying structure of operating systems and transparency towards upper-layer applications.

At the ZTAT Summit, DataCloak also disclosed the HyperCloak® R&D roadmap. The release of HyperCloak® v1.0 is intended for enterprise endpoint security in particular. In the future, cloud computing security and edge computing security scenarios will be further covered.

Seizing the opportunity of the release of the HyperCloak® Zero Trust Security Framework, DataCloak expect further cooperation with its industry peers, clients and scholars by adhering to open, cooperative and win-win ideas. To this end, DataCloak allows public access to 16 Zero Trust core security capabilities, followed by a stepwise release of corresponding SDKs and APIs in endpoints, networks, policy engines, etc. Moreover, the various needs of enterprises will also be catered to, and flexible application scenarios will also be adapted with, thereby enabling users' non-sensory upgrading into Zero Trust network architecture by offering flexible component plugging/unplugging and combination as well as targeted encapsulation of particular applications among other characteristics.

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