DataCloak Successfully Hosted the 2020 ZTAT Summit

Hangzhou, September 4th — The 2020 Zero Trust Architecture Technology (ZTAT) Summit sponsored by DataCloak kicked off, unveiling a grand meeting of experts and scholars from competent authorities and consulting agencies, as well as tech experts representing firms specializing in finance, high technology and Internet, among others. The guests sparked mind-blowing ideas through enlightening discussion on Zero Trust from various perspectives, e.g., history, connotation, technology, industry, or ecosystem. Relevant topics were untangled, including the definition of Zero Trust, why Zero Trust is needed, the notions behind the Zero Trust industry and products, details on the security framework, technical implementation, and practical deployment, etc.

Initiated by DataCloak, ZTAT Summit is an annual event intended as a technical exchange platform for the industry, where joint research, discussion and communication of Zero Trust concepts, technologies and practical experience can take place and help promote the thriving progress of Zero Trust technologies and ecosystems. In so doing, the Summit helps enterprises better understand, plan and implement Zero Trust programs, as well as solves issues related to core enterprise asset protection and business continuity under the open network environment, thus giving enterprises the sense of security over their data as they’re being accessed, anytime and anywhere.

DataCloak's CEO, Liu Chao, was the keynote speaker at the Summit, during which he talked about Defining Future Network Security Architecture through Software. According to Mr. Liu, physical boundaries between organizations have become consequently fuzzy due to the prevalence of cloud computing and cross-organizational data flow. He also predicted digital transformation to become the new growth driver for intelligentized operations, business growth and commercial innovation in enterprises. He also added that application, algorithm, data, computing power, and security would become the five pillars of a future world dominated by digitization and AI. In that sense, application without the support of security is no different from “running naked”. To this end, Zero Trust was proposed as a groundbreaking idea and notion with the view to providing legitimate individuals and applications with the reasonable authorities in an open network environment, and safeguarding the enterprise’s assets. DataCloak takes the perspectives of security and infrastructure, bases its operations on the concept of lightweight trusted computing and Zero Trust, and adopts the method of software defined network (SDN) security architecture in order to solve data security issues in enterprises, as well as guarantee their data access security, anytime and anywhere.

IDC Assistant Director, Mr. Wang Junmin, shared his views on the Zero Trust technology and its market development trend. Mr. Wang predicted that by 2024, 30% of IDC’s security service budget will be specifically allocated for the development, implementation and maintenance of the "trust framework". Also, the priority of future network technology revolution will shift from endpoint protection to cloud computing, as well as from compliance and foundation security to multi-dimensional control and active defense. In a global enterprise survey sampling, 71% of the enterprises show great interest in Zero Trust technologies, while 24% of the enterprises are already piloting, using and improving relevant technologies internally.

At the summit, DataCloak duly unveiled its HyperCloak® DataCloak Security Framework. HyperCloak® was developed from the perspective of infrastructures, and aims at deepening the integration between the Zero Trust security framework and the complete corporate infrastructure. It plays the role of an advanced Zero Trust security framework, broadening the scope of application while lowering the application costs, through which the upgrading from Zero Trust access to Zero Trust data security can be realized. Upholding open, cooperative and win-win spirits, DataCloak will allow public access for up to 16 security functionalities to promote development of Zero Trust technologies. The firm is looking forward to boosting the health and prosperity of the Zero Trust industry by joining hands with its counterparts in the industry.

Bi Maning, a researcher and former Deputy Director of the Ministry of Public Security-supervised Center for Classified Protection and Information Security Evaluation, addressed the summit with a speech on Thinking outside the Box, Building a Trusted System. To begin with, Mr. Bi attributed Zero Trust to an idea under the principle of "never trust, always verify", before continuing to explain the core classified protection ideas of "classification is aimed at protection", as well as the fundamental classified protection mechanism that is based on the standards of relentless enhancement of protection capabilities and continuous validation. He then went on by clarifying the Internet mindset, classified mindset, and Zero Trust mindset, all of which are important for network security protection under the new circumstances. Mr. Bi spoke highly of the Summit, saying, "DataCloak is literally putting Zero Trust ideas into practice in the implementation of peer-to-peer technologies and products to facilitate the upgrading into the Zero Trust architecture in enterprises. I am looking forward to witnessing more and more enterprises following DataCloak’s footsteps in allowing public access to their own Zero Trust security framework, so that the development of Zero Trust technologies and ecosystems as well as the enhancement of national cybersecurity protection capacity can be promoted".

Dr. Hao Chunliang from the China Electronics Standardization Institute, Yang Zhi, Division Director of the Hangzhou Central Sub-branch, People's Bank of China (PBOC), and MYbank Security Director, Zhang Ou, presented their monographic reports on Zero Trust's development history, research on Zero Trust standards across the world, financial practice and outlook of Zero Trust, etc. Such reports furthered our guests' understanding of Zero Trust from a broad sense and set models for relevant implementation.

Moderated by Tan Xiaosheng, President of Beijing Genius Cyber Tech Co., Ltd., the panel discussion abounded with highlights. Detailed analysis was made on the Zero Trust industry, other relevant sectors, and their future development trends, as well as the practical cases involving the deployment of DataCloak's client applications, among which DataCloak's modification-free and zero-cost implementation solutions were very well received. Lastly, concrete suggestions for the prosperity of the Zero Trust industry and ecosystem were given.

With regards to the Summit, the founder of Digital World Consulting, Mr. Li Shaopeng, said, "Viewpoints with instructive insight and foresight in the industry have been raised at the ZTAT Summit, e.g., 'the attribution of Zero Trust under the security notion rather than a specific product or technology’, ‘the possibility of any relevant service provider in carrying out its Zero Trust ideas based on its own technical characteristics', and last but not least, 'properly defining Zero Trust as staying alert at all times instead of never trusting'."

President of Genius Cyber, Tan Xiaosheng, also commented, "DataCloak is a hard-core tech firm. It takes on a different angle in Zero Trust implementation from its counterparts by clarifying itself at the ZTAT Summit as a 'Zero Trust security infrastructure provider'. In the future, Zero Trust as a groundbreaking notion will play a fundamental part in restructuring or upgrading numerous cybersecurity products. After all, we will attain what we desire by not doing what we won't do. I do admire DataCloak ability in opening itself to the public and co-building an industrial ecosystem on the Zero Trust philosophy with its partners."

The success of the ZTAT Summit is indicative of the acknowledgement to not only the Zero Trust philosophy in the industry, business community and circle of technology experts, but also the serious concerns over the need to comprehensively address data security problems from the endpoints to cloud computing in the future open network environment. According to guests at the summit, the ideas and views discussed during the Summit is both thought-provoking and enlightening. They look forward to the unveiling of more intriguing topics, cutting-edge technologies, and latest trends in the upcoming ZTAT Summit next year.

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