DataCloak Tops the 21Q1 China Cybersecurity Enterprise Capital Attention Index Chart

On April 7, Cybersecurity Reviews released its 21Q1 China Cybersecurity Business Capital Attention Index Chart, which is topped by DataCloak.

The first quarter of 2021 sees the continuous rising of capital attention in the cybersecurity industry, as the industry is being continuously stimulated with investment and funding projects that accumulate into an impressive number and amount. In such a flourishing time of spring that favors the cybersecurity industry, people cannot help but wonder:

How the brand attentions of those cybersecurity companies fare? Which of them are worth more attention from the capital market?

To demystify the above questions, Cybersecurity Reviews put together relevant weighted statistics and compile them into the 21Q1 China Cybersecurity Enterprise Capital Attention Index Chart. Using cybersecurity-specific corporations that have received investment and financing as the samples, the report takes into account their project views on, their official WeChat account popularity indices (from and and portal website search engine SEO flow index.

Computation method: ratio method (for each dimension, divide the dimension’s maximum by its weight, then multiply it with the dimension’s actual value; take the sum of all related dimensions)

Weight proportion:

  • Project views on 50%
  • Official WeChat account popularity index: 30%
  • Portal website search engine SEO flow index: 20%

Formula for each dimension:


21Q1 China Cybersecurity Enterprise Capital Attention Chart (TOP20)


The Detailed Ranking of the Scores Is as Follows

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