DataCloak Listed into IDC Innovator TechBrief on Zero Trust

International Data Corporation (IDC) has released IDC Innovator TechBrief: Software-Defined Perimeter and Micro Segmentation (Zero Trust). Depending on its advanced security idea, powerful product technology, innovative planning capacity, and widely-spread client cases, DataCloak has been listed as a recommended manufacturer of Zero Trust construction products in China.


What’s Zero Trust security framework of DataCloak?

The Zero Trust security framework of DataCloak is based on the idea of “Security As an Infrastructure”. The company offers access safety and data security solutions for clients involved in such scenarios as cross-office, cloud computing, IoT edge computing. As end-to-end complete solutions, its products create secured computing environment, storage conditions and transmission channels in order to satisfy the business continuity and data safety demands from businesses against the overall digital transformation trend.

By innovatively integrating software defined perimeter (SDP) and micro segmentation (MS) techniques, DataCloak has pushed the perimeter from entrance all the way inside the cloud and thus formed an identity-based secure data network perimeter. This perimeter combined with light-weight trusted computing terminal perimeter will form a SDP secure data area that could serve as a flexible, consistent and dynamic fundamental perimeter protecting business application and data.

While releasing HyperCloak® Zero Trust security framework and constructing Zero Trust-based open platform, DataCloak has developed module- and product-wide deeper integration capacity that matches businesses so they can build an integrated in-depth defense system featuring high linkage and fusion.

Where does the innovation of DataCloak lie?

IDC believes it is the outbreak of COVID-19 that speeds up the development course of telecommuting and distance learning. In such a context, network security perimeter gradually recedes against the rocketing progress in technology and market. Zero Trust has now become a common choice across the whole market. After conducting a survey among 528 security experts from the world, IDC has concluded Zero Trust should take into serious consideration the following critical capabilities: Software Defined Perimeter (SDP), micro segmentation (MS), identification and access control technology. The reason why DataCloak could erect safety infrastructure for businesses in which data flow freely and exert their true value is because several breakthroughs have been made in Zero Trust security technology.

In the first place, DataCloak owns a unique Zero Trust architecture. DataCloak has innovatively constructed a Zero Trust architecture ensuring data security by combining trusted computing, kernel-level segmentation, cryptology, and machine learning. Its Zero Trust architecture is capable of protecting data computing, storage and transmission.

Secondly, the security service offered by DataCloak is characterized by being integrated and native. Employing such technologies as distributed access control, SDP, MS, distributed network tunnel, and light-weight trusted computing, DataCloak provides integrated security defense that covers terminals, cloud computing, edge computing and native infrastructure. The defense system features high performance, flexible expanding, easy maintenance and low updating and transformation cost.

What are the successful cases of DataCloak?

HyperCloak® Zero Trust security framework developed by DataCloak has been verified in a variety of scenes, including business intelligence (BI), R&D circumstance, IT outsourcing, cross-organization coordination and telecommuting. Wide recognition has been won by the company in servicing a number of well-known enterprises such as CPIC, China Securities, JD, Little Red Book, BEKE, and eLong.

As cloud computing and IoT are further developed and promoted, data flow inside and outside business is going to be more frequent than past and thus more difficult to be put under control and utilization. Businesses are facing increasingly severe challenges in data security and management. In the future, DataCloak aims to provide even safer IT architecture for businesses based on its existing HyperCloak ® Zero Trust security framework and its past decade’s experience in technical architecture, security and corporate service.

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