DataCloak the Main Benefactor for CSC Financial’s Crowning of SZSE’s 2020 Outstanding Project Award

On May 12, the Securities and Futures Fintech Research and Development Center (Shenzhen) (hereinafter referred to as the “Fintech Center”), which was founded and operated by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the “SZSE”), held the 2020 Project Epilogue and 2021 Project Initiation Proposal Conference. At the conference, SZSE presented awards for outstanding projects in 2020. The project entitled SDP-based Zero Trust Security Protection and Control of Corporate Data by CSC Financial stood out among the 65 participating projects and won the second prize, becoming the only winner under the category of security. It is worth noting that the technical support for the project was provided exclusively by DataCloak.


CSC Financial is a large-scale nationwide comprehensive securities company that has been committing itself to strictly complying with the requirements of regulatory agencies, emphasizing the implementation of information system construction and technological innovation, as well as putting information system security and sensitive data protection as the top priorities. CSC Financial devotes itself to building a complete set of leading enterprise security solutions suitable for the new era, which will not only upgrade its access security capabilities but also improve its system security capabilities to the levels of data security through technological innovation. As a technical provider, DataCloak participated in the design and implementation of the Zero Trust Data Security Platform, putting into place a series of functionalities such as terminal data isolation, secure transmission, and sensitive data sharing.

CSC Financial has comprehensively applied the system to the company, especially in various office and business scenarios involving the protection of sensitive data, including data security protection in office scenarios, security protection of sensitive data involved in on-site business handling by the business department, regulatory data compliance reporting, remote secure office, “undiscoverability” of internal business systems, etc. These have helped achieve the protection of data security throughout the life cycle while greatly improving business productivity.

This award is SZSE’s affirmation to CSC Financial’s use of advanced technologies in building a set of practical data security solutions that not only meet the relevant regulatory requirements but can also be universally popularized across the industry.

DataCloak’s Zero Trust Data Security Platform has been applied in more than ten major state-owned banks, insurance companies, and securities companies, as well as dozens of top clients from the Internet, advanced manufacturing, and professional services industries, among many others, from whom DataCloak has received its fair shares of high praises. With leading technology, excellent user experience, and good reputation, DataCloak now finds itself shortlisted as Gartner’s 2020 Recommended Suppliers, and IDC’s 2021 Recommended Suppliers.

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