DataCloak Releases SASE Solution DACS AnyCloud®️

On 10th August, DataCloak released the SASE solution DACS AnyCloud®️, offering enterprise customers with multi-cloud connect, global dynamic access and data security solution to support their digital transformation, flexible deployment and light-weight operation.

Recently, DataCloak signed a cooperation agreement with Global Data Solutions Limited (GDS). The two parties would give play to their advantages and make joint efforts to provide enterprises with cross-cloud and cross-region IT infrastructure platforms and security services. By virtue of DataCloak’s professional capability in zero trust and cloud security sector and the advantage of GDS in data center, backbone network and wide area network, DACS AnyCloud®️ docks with GDS DCI network and SD-WAN through HyperCloak®️ Enhanced Zero Trust Security Framework to realize the integration of cloud security capability and network capability. Through unified management and orchestration, they offer cross-cloud and cross-region IT infrastructure platforms to enterprises and help enterprises transform their business onto the cloud in a safe manner, achieve the dynamic optimization of access to the network in the multi-cloud layout and safeguard their data security. This solution aims to promote enterprises’ digital transformation, accelerate the flexible and safe flow of data and empower business development.

DACS AnyCloud®️ has been launched in the GDS cloud network platform, being applicable to multiple scenarios including the efficient coordination among branches of enterprises, unified access to SaaS enterprise applications, unified access to edge cloud enterprise applications and integrated operation of cross-border IT architecture.

DACS AnyCloud®️ is the new generation of cross-border product with the in-depth integration of zero trust security framework and network infrastructure, creating an integrated solution for network connection and safety. Featuring both flexibility and security, it has greater practical significance for enterprises in the rapid digital transformation and represents the development direction of the next-generation enterprises’ digital architecture.

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