Balance between source code security and R&D efficiency

Program code and AI model are the core assets and competitiveness of science and technology innovation enterprises. In order to protect these core assets, enterprises used to take the method of physical isolation of equipment to prevent code leakage. Engineers use laptops for daily working in the office network and use special development machines to complete coding in the isolated development network. In order to further ensure security, dedicated developers connect to dedicated physical networks, lock peripheral interfaces such as USB, and isolate them in locked cabinets. But this method not only increases the IT cost and operation and maintenance expenses of enterprises, but also greatly reduces the work efficiency of development engineers when quoting the best implementation of Internet standards and reference programs.

DataCloak customize security solutions for source code protection scenarios to support code development and protection in public and private cloud environments. Development engineers only need to install the DACS client to construct a secure workspace within the operation system of the PC. Within the secure workspace, developers can habitually use mainstream development platforms and tools and communicate with code version management services (Git/SVN, etc.) at the corporate back system. Since the programs and code running in the secure workspace are encrypted, once an employee logs out, shuts down, or the enterprise deletes an account, even data saved on the local PC machine is "deleted" and can no longer be accessed. These features effectively help enterprises solve code security problems caused by employee resignation, temporary staff, and outsourcing scenarios.

User privacy leakage prevention

Call center is an important node for enterprises to contact with customers. Call center agents and business personnel can access a large number of enterprise and customer information, including identity information, transaction information, order information, product data and so on. However, call centers are often located outside the enterprise and difficult to manage, which brings challenges about key data and user privacy protection. The implementation of the Cyber Security Law promotes the rational use of enterprise data and privacy protection. It is necessary to have foresight to prevent crisis events in advance.

DataCloak's customized security solutions for call center business scenarios, fully meet the needs of ecommerce, finance and insurance, housing rental, tourism travel and other industries for data protection in the call center scenario. Once deployed, the enterprise can construct a secure workspace for the call center. The security policy in the secure workspace is completely controlled by the enterprise, and the data within the secure workspace cannot be distributed outside by any means, such as clipboard, file replication, USB disk, printing and so on, so as to avoid the risk of data leakage. Furthermore, all operation logs of agents are uploaded to the enterprise for later audit and bad tracking. DACS makes good balance between corporate efficiency and privacy protection to help enterprises maximize data value and enhance product competitiveness.

Co-working/developing, cross-regional collaboration

With the adoption of multi-regional collaboration and cloud computing by enterprises, the legacy approaches of network security are demonstrating its inefficiency in protecting the wild distributed data in high flow. Corporate data assets, e.g. business information, financial data, human information etc., are faced with "zero trust" challenge. Once data leakage happens, it is even difficult for enterprises to be aware of it.

In face of the intricate internal and external network, DACS provides consistent user experience and consistent data security protection with the intranet, no matter where employees are. DACS constructs a secure workspace right after the installation of a client on the endpoint device. Employees in one secure workspace can collaborate efficiently by means of peer-to-peer file transmission, shared network disk, instant messaging software etc., while all data within secure workspace are in control and cannot be distributed outside without approval, so as to ensure that enterprises can effectively avoid the risk of data leakage. Under the premise of data security interconnection, the solution of DataCloak breaks the physical boundary and regional limit. DACS truly realizes the expectation of secure access to data anytime anywhere, thus enables enterprises to release the value of data.