• Data Security Challenges Confronting Enterprises in the AI and 5G Era

    In the AI and 5G era, data prevail, and enterprises request for breaking the organizational boundary for the flow of data. However, it is noticeable that data are prone to fragmentation, isolation, and decentralization.

    As a result, data management and utilization become an increasingly daunting challenge. Under such new circumstances, it is a shared challenge in the industry to figure out how to assure data security and make the best use of data, since data are enterprises' key assets and drivers of innovation.

  • Zero Trust —— the Future of Enterprise Security

    The passivity of traditional defense models can no longer accommodate the requirements in the cloud computing, AI, and 5G era. In response to this issue, Forrester Research came up with the Zero Trust model —— a believer of the “never trust and always verify” policy and a next-generation enterprise security technology that gained overwhelming acceptance by the industry in recent years.

    Compared with the Google-led BeyondCorp Alliance in terms of reputation as an early advocate and adopter of the Zero Trust framework, DataCloak not only make finer-grained management and faster deployment in common corporate environments, but also, more importantly, realize dynamic data security.

    Zero Trust
  • Zero Trust Data Security Platform

    DataCloak sees security as a part of the infrastructure. For previous-generation enterprises, a secure workplace is built within a physical boundary; but for next-generation enterprises, a secure workplace will be defined and built by software. Based on the Zero Trust framework, DataCloak sets up virtual, private, flexible, and intelligent workplaces for enterprises, covering office, cloud computing, and edge computing scenarios. In the workplace, secure data flow among these scenarios is attainable, hence this workplace is also known as a "Zero Trust Adaptive Secure Computing Platform". By enabling cross-organizational data flow and sharing, the value of data is unleashed!

    Data Security

Why Choose DataCloak?

  • Leading Technical Architecture

    Leading Technical Architecture

    Help enterprises attain the supreme grade in the Zero Trust architecture

    standard--Data Security Architecture

  • Chinese Wisdom

    Chinese Wisdom

    Instilling China’s wisdom into the global development momentum of the Zero Trust structure

  • All-lifecycle Security

    All-lifecycle Security

    Assurance for data security in acquisition, storage, processing, transmission, exchange, and destruction

  • User-friendly and Efficient Operation as Well as Maintenance

    User-friendly and Efficient Operation as Well as Maintenance

    Time of deployment and initialization reduced from one week (168 hours) to 1 hour

  • Smooth Experience for Promotion

    Smooth Experience for Promotion

    Unwitting product operation with no impact on endpoint performance

  • Highly Cost-effective and Reliable Solution

    Highly Cost-effective and Reliable Solution

    At least 57% lower TCO cost than VDI

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