What We Do

DataCloak Inc. is an innovation company that focus on providing enterprise data-in-motion security solutions based on zero-trust security technology. Zero Trust Adaptive Secure Computing Platform (DACS), designed by DataCloak, builds dynamic secure workspaces for enterprises that enable the employees to access business data freely and securely, anytime, anywhere.

Increasing data security challenges for enterprises in AI and 5G era

Data is dispersing everywhere within cyberspace nowadays in the era of AI and 5G, and the requirement becomes much more stronger that the business data should flow across the organization boundaries. The obviously trends of data fragmentation, isolation and decentralization show that data becomes even more difficult to manage and utilize.

Under this new scenario, data exists as both the valuable assets and the source of innovation for enterprises. It is a shared challenge for industry to not only protect data but also make good use of it.

Zero trust is the future of enterprise security

The legacy passive defense models no longer fit the new cloud computing, artificial intelligence and 5G scenarios. Zero-trust framework is the next-generation enterprise security technology recognized overwhelmingly by the industry in recent years. The concept was first introduced by Forrester Research, which proposed the methodology of “Never Trust and Always Verify”.

BeyondCorp Alliance, led by Google, is the early advocate and pioneer of zero trust framework. DACS offered by Datacloak differentiate from others through finer-grained management, faster deployment, and most importantly, the implementation of the data-in-motion security.

Zero trust adaptive secure computing platform

Datacloak treats security as an infrastructure. Enterprise secure workspace of previous generations was built by steel and cement, while the next generation of enterprise secure workspace will be defined by software. Based on the Zero-Trust framework, DataCloak builds virtual, private, flexible, and intelligent secure workspaces for enterprises, covering office working, cloud computing and edge computing scenarios, allowing data to safely flow among them. Datacloak names these secure workspaces as “Zero Trust Adaptive Secure Computing Platform”, which enables data flowing and sharing among organizations, thus consequently unleashes the value of data.


Intelligent enterprise security led by innovative technology

DataCloak DACS relies upon three core technologies. firstly, by creating lightweight virtualized trusted computing environment within the endpoint device, DACS can meet the needs of accessing both secure workspace and the internet independently at the same time. Secondly, based on software defined perimeter and micro-segmentation technology, enterprise working nodes can be deployed globally, with more fine-grained management and higher precision. Finally, AI security brain makes great achievements in proactive defense and dynamic authorization and makes enterprise security more intelligent.


Strive for customer success

DataCloak DACS has received overwhelming recognition by customers from verticals like finance, e-commerce, electronic gaming etc.. DACS helps enterprises to protect their core code and improve R&D efficiency, to prevent data leakage in call center, to make cross-regional and inter-organizational R&D more convenient and trustful.

DataCloak helps enterprise rest assured about data sharing, flowing and computing and aims to unleash the potential of data by solving data-in-use security problems.

  • Source Code Leakage Prevention

    DACS builds software defined secure workspaces, in which engineers can use mainstream development platforms and tools conveniently, while all data in the space is encrypted and controlled.

  • User Privacy Protection

    DACS builds secure workspaces on the fly with zero trust technology. Data within the secure workspace cannot be distributed outside by means like chatting clients, Emails, USB flash drives et.al.

  • Corporate Collaboration Of Distributed Offices

    DataCloak DACS enables an employee to access intranet data in free but secure approach, at anytime and anywhere. DACS provides comprehensive life-cycle protection of enterprise data.