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Company Profile

DataCloak (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DataCloak) , founded in June 2018, is a leading innovative tech company in data security headquartered in the city of Shenzhen in Guangdong, China. We render next-generation data security solutions in line with the Zero Trust architecture standards. Our core team comprises former employees of world-renowned companies, including Baidu, Tencent, Google, SAP, etc. They are the leading experts in large-scale distributed systems engineering as well as cutting-edge security technology, with over a decade of experience in infrastructure, security, and corporate services.

We are dedicated to helping enterprises accelerate digital transformation and infrastructure upgrading needed in the cloud age and realizing worldwide perimeter-free data security through the development of Zero Trust data security platforms.

  • Our Product Philosophy

    Security As an Infrastructure

  • The Journey Towards Our Financing

    December 2018 USD 5 million in pre-Series A financing

    Investor: MatrixPartners China

    January 2020 USD 13 million in Series A financing

    Investor: Lead investor | Jeneration Capital Co-investor | MatrixPartners China, Co-Stone

    January 2021 USD 28 million in Series B financing

    Investor: Lead investor | Gaoling Venture Capital Co-investor | GoldenSand Capital, MatrixPartners China, Jeneration Capital

    September 2021 USD 50 million in Series B+ financing

    Investor: Lead investor | Tiger Global Co-investor | MatrixPartners China, Jeneration Capital, Gaoling Venture Capital, GoldenSand Capital

  • Our Core Technologies

    New-generation secure sandbox | High-performance tunneling | SDP | AI security policy engine

  • Our Products

    DataCloak Zero Trust Endpoint Secure Workspace (DACS) | DataCloak Zero Trust Application Access Gateway (DAAG)

  • Our Product Modality

    Private deployment of OA and production networks | Public-cloud-based SaaS services

  • Industry Coverage

    Securities | Insurance | Banking | E-commerce | High-end manufacturing | Gaming |Internet

DataCloak Zero Trust Terminal Secure Workspace (DACS)

Based on the new-generation secure sandbox technology, DACS escalates the zero trust architecture from access control to data security to help enterprises implement accurate access control and effective isolation control of sensitive data. It is a one-step solution for upgrading into the supreme deployment pattern that matches the zero trust architecture standard, making it a valid substitute for any traditional product or technology, e.g., VDI, DLP, IDV or VPN.

DataCloak Zero Trust Application Access Gateway (DAAG)

DAAG is a fine grained access control gateway based on the zero trust architecture, which helps enterprises easily centralize multi-system identity authentication and authority management. It is a one-step solution to securing the access to internal business systems via the Internet and to realizing a quick local upgrading to the zero trust standard architecture at low cost.

Development Timeline

Contact Us Sales Hotline: 010-58111816 contact@datacloak.com 26F, T2, Foresea Life Center