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Third-Party Organizational Management Challenges Faced by Enterprises

  • Excessive access to enterprise resources

    Whether it is remote access or on-site office, it is impossible to achieve fine-grained authority management of third-party personnel, can only be restricted through a "paper contract", but the risk of unauthorized access always exists.

  • Uncontrollable sensitive data

    Outsourcing teams may have access to sensitive data due to business needs, and the data sharing path often needs to be open to the external network, which also leaves the risk of data leakage.

  • High management cost

    Additional terminal devices or even office space shall be prepared for outsourcing personnel; set up a person responsible for the preparation and withdrawal of IT environment for third-party personnel, as well as the opening and recovery of account privileges, which is cumbersome and costly to manage.

DACS Solution by DataCloak

DACS configures different secure workspaces for different third-party organizations, and adds only necessary application system permissions in the secure workspace to achieve fine-grained access control for third-party personnel. At the same time, it restricts the data touched or generated by the third-party personnel in their work to be encrypted, stored and transferred in the exclusive secure workspace, thus achieving the purpose of protecting enterprise data security. It allows enterprises to open applications, data and core software tools to third-party personnel with confidence, and fully realize the value of third-party teams under the premise of data security.

  • Minimum access permission to resources and data
    • Reasonable authorization of access based on personnel or organizational structure, only open the required resource permissions, always following the "minimum access" principle

  • Available but not misappropriated
    • All enterprise-related data can only be used, stored and transferred within the secure workspace. Once the organizational relationship ends, enterprise data in the secure workspace will be automatically blocked to prevent enterprise data leakage

  • Low cost and high efficiency management
    • BYOD devices of third-party personnel can be directly used, without additional allocation of devices, reducing cost investment

    • The terminal can work in the secure workspace after installing DACS, which can quickly access the enterprise and save time cost

    • Uniform visual management of account opening and recovery of all third-party personnel, enhancing management efficiency

Value to Enterprises

  • Independent control of core data
    • The data can be released and collected, and the enterprise has full control

  • Improve management efficiency
    • DACS can be installed with one click to securely access business when staff works, without setting network permissions separately

    • DACS can be locked with one click so that internal data cannot be taken away when staff leaves, so there is no need to recycle devices to reinstall the system

    • Unified visual management of all personnel and equipment

  • Reduce management costs
    • BYOD devices can be directly used, without additional allocation of devices

    • Remote access by third-party personnel at any time, no need to prepare additional office space

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