• Requirement Challenges
  • R&D Code Security
  • Art Asset Security
  • Solution Highlights
  • Value of Solutions

Game Industry Is Facing Data Security Challenges

  • Protecting the core data assets of game companies

    High-quality games are the lifeblood of game companies. Core technical frameworks and game component models are key to keeping high quality content produced and iterated quickly. Securing these frameworks and models is especially important.

  • Balancing R&D data security and efficiency

    Game companies often use intranet and extranet isolation (dual-computer mode) to protect R&D code, and employees need to switch between the two devices frequently, which seriously affects development efficiency. The game industry needs data security solutions that enable employees to remain efficient.

  • Compatible with a wide range of game R&D external devices

    Game content production requires a large number of external devices, including graphics tablets, motion capture devices, etc. Data security solutions for the game industry need to be perfectly compatible with external devices and allow employees to fully utilize the value of these devices.

Game Code Security

  • Common problems
    • Low work efficiency and poor experience of "Isolation of intranet and extranet"

      Adopting the dual-computer mode to physically isolate the Internet and the extranet, although it secures the game development environment to a certain extent, it seriously affects the development efficiency and user experience.

    • High procurement and operation and maintenance costs of "Isolation of intranet and extranet”

      The dual-computer mode requires additional procurement of external network machines and supporting software, which results in high overall construction cost and operation and maintenance investment.

    • Disorganized game code data permission management

      The data stored in SVN or Git code repository has unauthorized access in the intranet environment, which cannot be controlled and audited by fine-grained policies.

    • Limited capability of traditional terminal control methods

      Even if the terminal has control means (lock box, DLP), the risk of leakage still exists, such as real machine debugging, using SVN, Samba and other shared network disk or remote file service, a common system tool for data flow.

  • DACS solution by DataCloak
    • Good experience and low cost of enterprise-personal data separation

      DACS builds a secure computing environment (secure workspace) at the terminal, and the environment outside the secure workspace is personal space. The secure workspace and personal space are deeply isolated on the same device and do not interfere with each other, which is a good experience and easy to promote.

    • One-way data flow prevents sensitive data leakage

      All behaviors of employees in the secure workspace are controlled by enterprise policies, and data cannot be transferred to personal space without authorization, but data from personal space can be transferred to the secure workspace. DACS can effectively replace the traditional internal and external network isolation mode.

    • Fine-grained, orderly permission control

      DACS supports fine-grained user permission control and flexible setting of security policies (clipboard blocking, watermarking, outgoing permissions, etc.). Authorized employees can only access and handle core code assets such as SVN or Git code repository in the secure workspace. Even in the case of unauthorized access, DACS can still restrict the code data to spread only within the controlled boundary, so that the data cannot escape.

Security of Art and Other Content Asset

  • Common problems
    • Open work environment is more prone to data leakage

      The office environment of art design positions is relatively open, and art resources stored on local computers, shared network drives such as Samba or remote file services, and advanced workstations may be leaked in a variety of ways such as outgoing network transfers and copies from external devices.

    • Traditional solutions have poor performance and user experience

      The process of art production requires the use of professional production software and external devices such as graphics tablets, and traditional security solutions consume a lot of performance of terminal devices, resulting in lagging.

  • DACS solution by DataCloak
    • Content asset security guaranteed

      DACS allows authorized users to access only the network addresses of art production assets and game ready assets within the secure workspace through software defined network perimeter, and downloaded content assets are stored in the secure workspace.

    • Good performance, good experience

      With leading lightweight trusted computing technology, DACS makes full use of local computing resources and is perfectly compatible with external devices (such as graphics tablets), ensuring data security and performance without changing the original usage habits of designers and engineers.

Solution Highlights

  • Supports professional software for game R&D
    • DACS-Gaming supports nearly 100 different versions of professional gaming software and security policies

    • Administrators can issue configuration to complete deployment with one click

  • Support data security of local/point-to-point joint debugging
    • Ports and access permission under active control

    • Only authorized devices and users are allowed to access, reducing security risks

  • Support parallel large-scale game development projects
    • Multiple secure workspaces are isolated from each other

    • Support secure workspace storage across physical partitions

    • Parallel different game projects on the same terminal with independent data

Value to Enterprises

  • Industry-specific

    Good compatibility with specialized software and external devices, low cost of employee office environment movement.

  • Secure and efficient

    Encryption protection from the time of data production collection and project file generation to achieve full lifecycle data security.

  • Smooth use experience

    Provides a friendly experience with no need to change software operations and usage habits.

  • Simple operation and maintenance

    No need to invest in additional construction costs for internal and external network isolation; naturally supports remote security office without special equipment.

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